(dis)Orientation 2014 — It’s Not You, It’s Law School!




The National Lawyers Guild Chicago Chapter is proud to announce our 2014 city wide DisOrientation!!!
Saturday, October 4th @1:00 p.m.
Loyola University, Corboy Law Center, 25 E. Pearson

DisOrientation is an event for students to discuss surviving law school with our values and commitment to social justice intact. Come meet NLG law students, legal workers, and attorneys, while attending various panels and trainings on how to become a peoples lawyer.

The NLG is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.

Our aim is to bring together all those who recognize the importance of safeguarding and extending the rights of workers, women, farmers, people with disabilities and people of color, upon whom the welfare of the entire nation depends; who seek actively to eliminate racism; who work to maintain and protect our civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent attacks upon them; and who look upon the law as an instrument for the protection of the people, rather than for their repression.

1-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:15 Welcome
2:30-3:30 Student Panel
3:45-4:45 Attorney Panel
5-6 Legal Observer & Know Your Rights Trainings

Happy Hour to follow!
Clark Street Ale House
742 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654
6:30 p.m.

Discussion about Puerto Rico and Oscar Lopez Rivera on 5/2!

More information:
Wilma Reverón: human rights activist and attorney practicing employment, civil rights and family law in Puerto Rico. She is a member of the Board of Advisors of the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) Puerto Rico National Chapter and past Senior Staff Attorney. She is member of the Commission on Constitutional Development of the Puerto Rico Bar Association that is dedicated to the study of the political relationship between the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the United States. Since 1980, she has made numerous appearances before the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization on the question of Puerto Rico and before Caribbean Regional Seminars sponsored by the Committee as an expert on decolonization. She has delivered papers and participated in conferences at universities, book fairs and  seminars  related to the decolonization of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Territories, such as the Saint Marteen Book Fair and the “50/50 UCCI/UWI Conference: Surveying the Past and Mapping the Future”  on political and constitutional developments in the Caribbean Overseas Territories and the Island Nations.  She has also made presentations in special tribunals on human rights issues such as Vieques and police repression in Puerto Rico. Her articles appear in Puerto Rico newspapers such as Claridad and El Nuevo Día and international magazines and publications such as Tricontinental (OSPAAL),  Correos del Orinoco (Venezuela) and De Igual a Igual in Argentina. She is currently co-president of the National Hostosiano Congress Independentista Movement, in charge of international relations.
Attorney Alejandro Torres Rivera received his Bachelor’s Degree from the Social Sciences Department at the University of Puerto Rico in 1973, with a major in Political Science. He attended law school at Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, graduating in 1976.
His first job was as a Hearing Examiner at the Labor Relations Board of Puerto Rico. He has been in private practice since 1977, focusing in labor law as an attorney for workers and unions.
He is an adjunct professor at the Institute of Labor Relations at the University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras campus and at Interamerican University School of Law. He also gives workshops and courses as an instructor in the Worker Education Program at the Institute of Labor Relations. He is a frequent columnist at the weekly newspaper Claridad and has published many political, professional and historical essays in professional journals and in the academic community in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. He has been a member of the Commission for the Study of Constitutional Development of the Bar Association of Puerto Rico since 1996, and has chaired the Commission since 2012.
Attorney Torres Rivera is the author of several books, including Militarismo y Descolonización: Puerto Rico ante el Siglo 21 [Militarism and Decolonization: Puerto Rico in the 21st Century];  El Derecho a la Libre Determinación en Puerto Rico: los derechos de un pueblo colonizado ante el proceso de militarización de la sociedad puertorriqueña [The Right of Self-Determination in Puerto Rico: the rights of a colonized people in the face of the process of the militarization of Puerto Rican society]; El Trabajo por la Unidad Independentista: el desarrollo histórico del Congreso Nacional Hostosiano [The Work for Independentista Unity: historical development of the National Hostosiano Congress]; Independencia, Soberanía y Libre Determinación en el Caribe: el caso colonial de Puerto Rico y sus repercusiones para la región [Independence, Sovereignty and Self-Determination in the Caribbean: the colonial case of Puerto Rico and its repercussions for the region]; Visión de Vieques: el uso del territorio nacional puertorriqueño por parte de la Fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos (noviembre de 1999 a diciembre de 2003) [Vision of Vieques: use of the national Puerto Rican territory by the United States Armed Forces (November 1999 to December 2003);  El Alca y los peligros para las economías de la región del Caribe [ALCA and the dangers for the economies of the Caribbean region]; La Asamblea Constitucional de Status [The Status Constitutional Assembly]; and the latest book, Los Conflictos entre el Mundo Musulmán y Occidente, ¿qué es lo nuevo?, ¿qué es lo viejo?: apuntes generales [Conflicts between the Muslim World and the West, what’s new, what’s old: general points].
He has participated with other scholars and investigators in the production of the following books: Vieques ante el 2003: posibilidades y peligros [Vieques facing 2003: possibilities and dangers] and El Trabajo y las Relaciones Obrero-Patronales [Work and Worker-Boss Relationships]. He is also the author of many essays and articles about professional and political topics.
Attorney Alejandro Torres Rivera is also a member of the National Board of the National Hostosiano Congress Independentista Movement and its Executive Commission. Since 2013 he has chaired the Board of Directors of the Francisco Manrique Cabrera Foundation. He also participates actively as a panelist in several analytical radio programs. Since May of 2008 he has directed the international analytical weekly radio program Window to the World… from Puerto Rico, on WKAQ 580.

Upcoming CLE: Litigating Workplace Sexual Violence Cases

Save the date for an upcoming CLE co-sponsored by TUPOCC!

Building Your Arsenal: Tools for Successfully Litigating Workplace Sexual Violence Cases

Learn more about successfully representing clients in sexual harassment cases. Filing a discrimination complaint may only be one component of an effective representation strategy. This interactive session will provide tools to better represent clients struggling with post-traumatic stress and encourage participants to use the law creatively to empower survivors.

Where: Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

             300 N. LaSallle, Room 7KLM

When: April 17, 2014

            1:00pm – 5:00pm

4 hour CLE credit will be given!

Discussion will include an analysis of:

  • The Illinois Gender Violence Act
  • Immigration relief for survivors
  • Survivor centered litigation
  • Anti-trafficking laws, and more


Sheerine Alemzadeh, Staff Attorney with Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

Karla Altmayer, Equal Justice Works Fellow with LAF

Allison Creekmur, VISTA attorney with LAF

*RSVP to kaltmayer@lafchicago.org with your name and organization name by April 4, 2014



Fred Korematsu Day

Thursday, January 30th, 11:45am-1pm
DePaul College of Law, 25 E. Jackson Blvd, Room 903
Fred Korematsu is the Japanese-American man who would not consent to being interned after President Roosevelt ordered that all Japanese-Americans be interned as World War II began. He is also the individual responsible for the landmark Korematsu v. United States case.
Join us for a screening of the brief film “Of Civil Rights and Wrongs” about Korematsu’s life and a discussion about the racial profiling he endured then and the racial profiling too often experienced by people of color today.
Reflections by:
Kiyo Yoshimura 
Former internee in Japanese-American internment camps
Rabya Khan
Staff attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Sponsors: CAIR-Chicago, National Lawyers Guild-Chicago TUPOCC, Japanese American Citizens League, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago, South Asian American Policy & Research Institute, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum-Chicago 


Student Group Sponsors: DePaul NLG, DePaul APALSA, Northwestern University South Asian Law Student Association, and Northwestern University APALSA, Chicago-Kent APALSA 

(dis)Orientation 2013 — It’s Not You, It’s Law School!

Chicago City-wide National Lawyers Guild presents:

 (dis)Orientation *2013*

It’s not you, it’s law school.

Date: September 21, 11am-5pm (followed by HAPPY HOUR!). Lunch included.

Location: Chicago-Kent College of Law, 565 W. Adams St.

Panels Include:

*Welcome to the Guild!*
*Student Tips & Tricks–Surviving Law School without Losing Your Soul*

*Legal Observer AND First Defense Legal Aid Know Your Rights & Hotline Training!*
*Critical Theory: What You Won’t Hear in the Classroom*
*Radical Career Paths*

Interested in social justice lawyering?! NLG is the place to be! Get introduced to the Guild and find out what it’s all about. Plus, a chance to meet and network with NLG law students and Guild lawyers from all over the City!

 RSVP by filling out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JdJ2UAz0COdeDec6ucg7jlXR7wk4j_snXyw3fot460M/viewform


In addition: NLG presents: LIVE Screen printing.

Upcycle your wardrobe with our live screen printing setup at (dis)Orientation! Bring your old clothes, pick an awesome design and ink color, and we’ll turn that forgotten sweater into something special.

Please join us afterwards for a special post Dis-O Next Gen Happy Hour with law students from all schools!

Come out to this special happy hour hosted by the Next Gen Committee and welcome students who have just completed the great DisOrientation program! Let’s show them the Guild community and and how great it is here in Chicago.

When: Saturday, Sept. 21st  5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Where: Dylan’s Tavern and Grill

118 South Clinton Street (DisOrientation is at Kent so we want to be nearby)

Specials: Great food and great beer, and a full bar

$5 Corona,

$5 Modelo 

$5 Dos Equis  

Other specials to be announced that day 

The Next Gen Happy Hour:  Every month, the Next Gen Committee of the National Lawyers Guild of Chicago throws a happy hour to bring together young, progressive, and radical attorneys, law students, and legal workers to drink, socialize, organize, and relax.  Join us!