Emergency Response Hotline

In response to the FBI raids and grand jury subpoenas of September 24, and in its continuing effort to defend the right to dissent, the National Lawyers Guild of Chicago is offering several resources for activists.

First, we are announcing the establishment of a Chicago-based NLG emergency response hotline. The NLG Hotline will help match activists who have been contacted by the FBI with NLG defense attorneys in Chicago who have experience dealing with similar cases.

*** NLG Chicago Hotline: 312-913-0039 ***

Second, if you know of people who were visited by the FBI, or if you know about FBI visits to neighbors, employers or others, related to this investigation, please contact the NLG Hotline immediately at 312-913-0039.

Lastly, as always, the NLG Chicago Chapter provides legal observers to monitor police activity and infringement of First Amendment rights at local rallies, demonstrations, and direct action. To request legal observers, please email chicago.lo.program@gmail.com with information about your planned action.

We encourage organizers to contact us as soon as possible prior to the action, in order to increase our ability to provide observers, even before details are finalized. We consider your request for observers to be privileged legal communication and information provided will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable law.