Building the Next Generation of People’s Lawyers

In the past few years, the Guild has seen an influx of new or recent law school graduates who are committed to serving the public interest and carrying on the Guild’s important work.  To that end, the Next Generation (“Next Gen”) Committee was developed within the Guild to facilitate the transition from law student to practitioner of people’s law.  The Chicago Next Gen Committee is a collection of young, progressive and radical attorneys, legal workers, and law students dedicated to social change and building like-minded community.

Next Gen is a valuable resource for newer members of the Guild, by providing opportunities for networking, socializing, and organizing.   However, in order to gain the skills necessary to become successful People’s lawyers, we need the benefit of guidance from the more experienced members of the Guild!  The practice of law is very much a learned skill, and entering the legal world can be a daunting experience at times.  We of the Next Gen Committee are hopeful that you, as seasoned members of the Guild, would be willing to guide and mentor us as we embark upon our legal careers by providing feedback, answering questions, and sharing with us your own experiences as attorneys.

Chicago’s Next Gen Committee is undertaking to compile a list of individuals who would be willing to provide such assistance, guidance, and mentorship to newer attorneys.  We would circulate that list among the members of the Next Gen Committee who, from time to time, may call upon you.  We understand that your time is very valuable, and want to make it clear that providing your contact information does not obligate you to any commitments you are unwilling to make.  Rather, this would serve as a resource for young Guild attorneys for informal assistance, and would allow you the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience to ensure that the Guild’s important mission is carried on by future generations of People’s lawyers.

If you want to serve as a mentor to a young Guild attorney, or if you are a Guild member who seeks mentorship, please email us at  Thank you!