KYR Teach-Ins

Know Your Rights trainings are designed for activists, collectives, and organizations engaged in political speech and activism.

The National Lawyers Guild of Chicago Know Your Rights (KYR) training provides activists and organizers involved in the upcoming actions in May with basic legal information concerning interactions with police in Chicago. All trainings include material on the right to remain silent and searches and questioning by police. The interactive role-play format of the training allows participants to engage with issues in realistic settings and is designed to empower protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.

Remember: You can always request a training for your group by emailing Upon request, NLG is also happy to include material on the following topics:

  • KYR for non-citizen activists
  • KYR for queer and transgender activists
  • KYR for members of the military
  • KYR for participants in actions with a high risk of arrest (including demonstration organizers)