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The Mass Defense Committee (MDC) of the National Lawyers Guild of Chicago (NLG Chicago) is running the NATO Legal Support Project, a program of public education, legal assistance, and support for persons seeking to exercise their First Amendment rights of speech, expression, and assembly surrounding the NATO summit.  The MDC’s work is undertaken in the spirit of the National Lawyers Guild’s 75-year history of dedication to fundamental social change, equal justice, and belief that human rights are more sacred than property interests.

While the National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to providing a legal support structure to defend and educate protestors at this historic event, we have determined that the amount of work required to prepare for the demonstrations and to represent the people who will be arrested is enormous.   As a result, NLG Chicago is seeking emergency funding to carry out our mass defense workWe need your help.   Donate today.

As persistent advocates of movements for social change, the NLG Chicago understands that movements must have legal support to advance their cause.  In this vein, the Mass Defense Committee of NLG Chicago seeks to provide a range of legal support in defense of NATO protestors.

To that end, we are:

  • conducting specialized “know-your-rights” workshops;
  • organizing and training volunteer Legal Observers™ to assist the public to exercise their rights to freedom of speech, expression, and assembly;
  • monitoring law enforcement activity for possible misconduct;
  • staffing a dedicated legal office with a 24/7 emergency hotline; and
  • recruiting lawyers to provide legal representation to people arrested in the exercise of their First Amendment rights.

For more details, read our goals and tasks.   

Please consider making a donation to the NATO Legal Support Project, so that we can continue empowering and protecting free speech and dissent.

The NATO Legal Support Project is the proud recent recipient of a grant from the Crossroads Fund, to support our work building capacity for movements.  But, we still need much more help!  We need to raise $9,500 in the next three weeks to pay the rent for our legal support office, keep the lights on, and keep the hotlines open.  No amount is too small.

Donate Today!


CHECK OR MONEY ORDER:  address to NLG Chicago, 637 S. Dearborn, Third Floor, Chicago, IL 60605.  Put “Mass Defense Committee” in the note line.

NOTE:  Direct donations are preferable, but tax-deductible donations (for over $250) are available via the National Lawyers Guild Foundation, 132 Nassau Street, Room 922, New York, New York 10038.  Simply note that the donation is for NLG Chicago’s NATO Legal Support Project.

In this time of change, your financial support is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated!