Photograph of Suspected Informant

Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
For Immediate Release:
 May 21, 2012
Contact: NLG Legal Worker Kris Hermes 510-681-6361 or NLG Attorney Sarah Gelsomino773-520-8246

National Lawyers Guild Releases Photograph of Suspected Police Informant Involved in Terrorism-Related Cases

Chicago, IL — Investigations by the NLG have uncovered infiltration by law enforcement in each of the 5 terrorism-related cases charged so far. The NLG believes that at least two undercover police or confidential informants, “Gloves” and “Mo,” were used in a law enforcement operation that resulted in 9 arrests from a Wednesday house raid in Bridgeport as well as two additional arrests on Thursday. Gloves and Mo were apparently arrested with the 9 protesters from the house raid, but were released soon after.

The image below is of Mo as he is being arrested during an Occupy Chicago action on April 17, 2012 at 63rd & Woodlawn to protest the closure of a mental health clinic.

Photograph of “Mo,” a suspected informant involved in the NATO terrorism-related cases:

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