Law School Chapters

Chicago has a vibrant NLG presence at our area law schools.  Law students are full and equal members of the Guild, and are our life blood and future.  Chicago NLG is committed to supporting the next generation of people’s lawyers.


Law students, If you are interested in using the law to serve the people, you are not alone!  The National Lawyers Guild offers a network of innovative ideas, socially-conscious campaigns, and politically active students who are passionate about justice.

To get connected to local NLG law students, send us an email at chicago[@]

A Progressive Legal Education

You have a unique opportunity to make decisions about your education. While a traditional legal education teaches you about the manipulation of abstract principles to maintain the status quo, a progressive legal education stresses the importance of thinking critically and creatively, using the law as a tool to further social change.

NLG Chicago wants to support you in that endeavor.  So, we’ve compiled some resources to help radical and progressive law students create their own approach to legal education:

The Disorientation Guidebook, is put out by the National Office, and is an amazing resource for creating your own progressive legal education.  It includes articles on the importance of Critical Legal Studies, how to survive law school and keep your values, and the practice of being a People’s lawyer.

The Progressive Syllabus was compiled by the Chicago Next Gen Committee.  It is a list of books and a few law review articles to help guide you, inspire you, and keep your passion strong to continue on the path towards a career in social justice.

Tips and Tricks to Survive Law School, and Keep Your Soul is practical law school advice for and by NLG law students.

Bill Quigley, a Guild stalwart, professor, and former Legal Director for the Center for Constitutional Rights penned a Letter to Law Student Interested in Social Justice, which is a must read.  It was published in the DePaul Journal for Social Justice, and is available here by permission.


The Next Gen Committee of NLG Chicago puts on a (Dis)orientation in the fall for law students, to help acclimate them to the insanity that is law school.   Here is our agenda from last year’s (Dis)orientation.  Details for 2011 (Dis)orientation will be coming this summer!