Legal Observers at IYJL Action

On Tuesday, May 14, Chicago NLG Legal Observers were present at an Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) action at the Broadview Detention Facility in Broadview, Illinois to protest the record high deportations under President Obama and inaction from Illinois elected officials. A group of seven undocumented immigrants from Illinois conducted a sit-in to block the entrance to the Detention Facility.

For more information on the action and the IYJL, visit:

Cops Target Guild Legal Observers in Phoenix

The Guild Defends Your Right to Resist!

“At protests from D.C. to Miami to Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Saint Paul, Guild Legal Observers have been arrested, shot with projectiles, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, and hit with batons, and we are still here to document misconduct.” —Carol Sobel, Co-Chair, Guild Mass Defense Committee

“Arresting a young woman of color who is there as an attorney-observer demonstrates how irresponsible and un-American the Arizona action is. I fear Arizona is starting to act like Mississippi in the civil rights days.” —Bill Quigley, Legal Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

National Lawyers Guild statement on arrests in Phoenix of Roxana Orell and Sunita Patel here!

Center for Constitutional rights statement here!