Dear NLG Chicago Chapter,

We are pleased to announce that on August 12, 2011, NLG Chicago ratified our Bylaws.   Thank you to everyone who participated in crafting them.

Election for NLG Chicago Board of Directors

An essential part of the Bylaws is the provision for elections to the NLG Chicago Board of Directors.  This year at our annual Dinner, the NLG Chicago members will elect a new Board.  If you are interested in running for the Board the process for candidacy is delineated below.  Per our Bylaws and principles, NLG Chicago welcomes and encourages the involvement of legal workers and law students on the Board.  So to, we hope that the Board will be reflective of the diverse membership of our chapter.

Election Process 

Beginning  September 21, 2011, nominations for directors will open.  Nominations can be made by simply sending an email, with “Board Nominee” in the subject line, to chicago@nlg.org including the nominee’s name, email address and phone number.  If you do not have access to email, the same information may be provided by U.S. mail, sent to:  Board Nominee, NLG Chicago, 637 S. Dearborn, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60605.  (Persons nominated will be contacted to ensure they want to be a candidate for a board seat.)  Nominations will close on October 5.

Each nominee will have an opportunity to post a short biography and/or why he or she wants to serve as an NLG Chicago board member.  This information will be posted on our website.  Information may be posted by sending it to chicago@nlg.org with “Nominee Information” in the subject line.

Balloting will begin October 15 and end on November 5.  Ballots will be sent by email and/or U.S. mail to all voting members.  Only dues-paying members can vote.  Ballots may be returned by email, also to chicago@nlg.org, with “Ballot” in the subject line, or by US mail (it must be received by November 4) or in person at the NLG Chicago Dinner honoring Debra Evenson on November 5. 

If you are not currently a member in good standing, you can join the NLG by renewing your dues anytime before November 5 and still be eligible to vote!

This term, the Board will consist of eleven (11) members, including the Student Director, a separately elected position.  Thus, there are 10 open slots on the Board.  Accordingly, each voting member will be allowed to cast votes for up to 10 persons.  Nominees receiving the 10 highest vote totals will be on the Board.  Since this is the first year of this process and the Bylaws call for staggered elections, persons receiving the top 5 vote totals will serve for 2 years and the remainder of electees will serve for 1 year.

Board Responsibilities

Members of the Board are required to attend monthly Board meetings.  The Board has a rotating facilitator and minute taker, which means each member will occasionally facilitate board meetings or take minutes.  In addition, board members are required to participate in votes on procedural and substantive matters affecting the Chapter in Board meetings and via the Board listserve.

The Board is a working Board.  In addition to participating in the day-to-day decision-making about chapter business and our direction, Board members are responsible for helping to plan our annual dinner, outreach to membership, and actually accomplishing the business of the chapter.

Board members also required to sit on a Chapter Committee.  Currently, Chapter Committees include the Mass Defense Committee, the Dinner Committee, the Membership Committee, the Media and Technology Committee, the Continuing Legal Education Committee, the Next Generation Committee, and the Finance Committee.


In Solidarity,

The Board of the Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild:

Molly Armour

Jeffrey Frank                  

Sarah Gelsimino       

Jani Hoft

Rob Ludemann

Emily Meehan

Ryann Moran

Kevin Vodak